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Single Herbs is a range of products created and marketed by Alnavedic, single herbs is our range of natural herbs that have miracle body benefits and are renowned to bring immense value to the consumer. we have seen amazing results for the last 10 years while marketing this range of products. Alnavedic is proud to have the range of the best Ayurvedic single herb products that can revitalize and rejuvenate your life. they are known to boost immunity and nutrition in your body naturally without any harmful effects. our company Alnavedic works to bring the best-rated health care products to you consistently and this is one of our best products and we are happy to bring it to you.


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Neelu Suri
Varun Singh

I have low immunity and i used to get fever very often but then my friend suggested me alnavedic garlic tablet to take and trust me it really works, i feel healthy just by taking a single tablet per day.

Varun Singh

The best way to boost immunity without doing anything.

Tej Pratap Singh
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